IAccessible2 bridgecomponent context fails

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Since last week I’m having some troubles with my Windows build and I can no longer get the IAccessible2 parts to work. I get the following warning when opening LibreOffice with NVDA screen reader running:

warn:vcl:8004:12820:vcl/source/app/svdata.cxx:265: got no IAccessible2 bridgecomponent context fails to supply service 'com.sun.star.accessibility.MSAAService' of type 'com.sun.star.accessibility.XMSAAService'

The daily builds does not seem to suffer from these warnings and do, unlike my builds have working accessibility support. 

Does anyone have any ideas at to what might be wrong in my case, or where I might start looking to try and track down what goes wrong. Note that I had working builds with this machine last week. But have done a make clean last weekend during the time Windows did not build.

I have master checked out without any changes made to it. 

For my latest build I used the following switches:




Niklas Johansson
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