nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at wingarch.com
Tue Sep 16 06:29:01 PDT 2014

I am trying to escape having to untar all of the 3rd parties and see which
ones are missing win32 debug libs and dlls.


On first pass of building Libreoffice with:



build complained that 

ExternalPackage_icu.mk:24 ...file icudtd53.dll does not exist in the


So reading configure help.  I can set

--with-system-icu and do a debug build there.


My question:  Who can send me instructon for how many of these third party
tools have to be built that way?  And what about boost?  Libreoffice names
its boost libraries not in "boost naming style"  How do I handle that.


My dev environment


A git clone of Libreoffice from trunk.

Windows 7, SDK 7.0A, DirectX SDK, MSBuild, Visual Studio 2010 Pro (trial


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