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Hi nicholas,

On Tuesday, 2014-09-16 09:29:01 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:

> I am trying to escape having to untar all of the 3rd parties and see which
> ones are missing win32 debug libs and dlls.
> On first pass of building Libreoffice with:
> --enable-dbgutil.
> build complained that 
> ExternalPackage_icu.mk:24 ...file icudtd53.dll does not exist in the
> tarball.

As has already been pointed out in the other mail thread you started,
the icudt*.dll was moved from external/icu/ExternalPackage_icu.mk to
external/icu/ExternalPackage_icu_ure.mk already in July.

> So reading configure help.  I can set
> --with-system-icu and do a debug build there.

You can safely assume that almost none of the --with-system-... options
will work on Windows simply because the Windows system does not provide
any of those libraries.

Plus, if you change configure options, especially with --enable-dbgutil,
you usually need to  make clean && make  to force a clean build. In fact
the missing icudtd53.dll may be a result of such mixed build because in
a non-dbgutil build it is icudt53.dll instead.

> A git clone of Libreoffice from trunk.

Git has no notion of trunk, you probably mean the master branch, but
apparently you're trying to build a quite old snapshot.


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