getting help with Bug 71248 - Excel VBA: ActiveDocument is not tracking currently selected document

Noel Power nopower at
Wed Sep 10 01:58:46 PDT 2014

On 09/09/14 15:55, Justin Luth wrote:
> Are sc/source/ui/vba/vbaapplications.cxx and
> vbahelper/source/vbahelper/vbahelper.cxx ONLY used for MS VBA
> compatibility, or does it also affect StarBasic etc?
it only affects MS VBA compatability
> I have identified that the vbahelper function getCurrentDoc() is
> broken, causing bug 71248, and suggested a band-aid solution for it in
> the comments.  However, I don't know the larger implications of
> replacing getCurrentDoc with getThisExcelDoc.  In practice, THIS and
> CURRENT are likely the same thing
no, 'THIS' refers to the document running the macro and 'CURRENT' is the
'active' document. E.g. if a macro in foo.xls opens existing ba.xls,
'THIS' refers to foo.xls and CURRENT refers to ba.xls (after the
document is raised and opened and is still on top)
> , but perhaps the current implementation is necessary and working for
> someone...
> I'm still going to try to figure out how to properly fix
> "getCurrentDoc" but so far I don't really understand what it is doing.
I haven't looked at that code in a long time so feel free to dive in
there, iirc basically 'THIS' is tracked in the uno context (VBA has a
custom uno context), CURRENT should be accessible as a UNO global
variable inserted in to 'application' StarBasic. It sounds like somehow
somewhere getCurrentDoc either is no longer searching for the correct
variable, or its no longer getting updated (used to be updated somewhere
in sfx2/.../objxstor.cxx (try searching for 'ThisComponent', it's bound
to be handled somewhere close to that)
There used to be some confusing (but necessary) indirection to handling
this e.g. because Libreoffice is a single application (and VBA support
was trying to support both Word & Excel) the code in objxstor.cxx needs
to find out which variable in StartBasic to update, in the case of a
Word document it would need to update StarBasic variable named
'ThisWordDoc' & for Excel 'ThisExcelDoc' variable (both can exist
simulateously if multiple documents xls/doc are open).  That is my
recollection how this used to work, it is possible imports from AOO code
have trampled/changed this possibly in an incompatible way
> If someone who actually knows how to program and submit patches could
> take over from this point, that would be great.
> suggested Band-aid fix:
> uno::Reference< frame::XModel >  getCurrentExcelDoc( const
> uno::Reference< uno::XComponentContext >& xContext ) throw
> (uno::RuntimeException)
> {
>     return getThisExcelDoc( xContext );
> }
I think this would be a bad idea, getCurrentExcelDoc needs fixing to
return the topmost open Excel document
> Thanks,
> Justin

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