getting help with Bug 71248 - Excel VBA: ActiveDocument is not tracking currently selected document

Justin Luth jluth at
Mon Sep 29 19:05:13 PDT 2014

On 10/09/14 04:58, Noel Power wrote:
> On 09/09/14 15:55, Justin Luth wrote:
>> I have identified that the vbahelper function getCurrentDoc() is
>> broken, causing bug 71248
>> I'm still going to try to figure out how to properly fix
>> "getCurrentDoc" but so far I don't really understand what it is doing.
> I haven't looked at that code in a long time so feel free to dive in
> there, iirc basically 'THIS' is tracked in the uno context (VBA has a
> custom uno context), CURRENT should be accessible as a UNO global
> variable inserted in to 'application' StarBasic. It sounds like
> somehow somewhere getCurrentDoc either is no longer searching for the
> correct variable, or its no longer getting updated (used to be updated
> somewhere in sfx2/.../objxstor.cxx (try searching for 'ThisComponent',
> it's bound to be handled somewhere close to that)
> There used to be some confusing (but necessary) indirection to
> handling this e.g. because Libreoffice is a single application (and
> VBA support was trying to support both Word & Excel) the code in
> objxstor.cxx needs to find out which variable in StartBasic to update,
> in the case of a Word document it would need to update StarBasic
> variable named 'ThisWordDoc' & for Excel 'ThisExcelDoc' variable (both
> can exist simulateously if multiple documents xls/doc are open).  That
> is my recollection how this used to work, it is possible imports from
> AOO code have trampled/changed this possibly in an incompatible way
Noel, Thanks for that information.  I've attached a diff that seems to
fix the problem of the GlobalUNOConstant/Standard library names
'ThisWordDoc' and 'ThisExcelDoc' not being updated when the active
document changes.

Are you willing to review this and enter it into master/4.3 if it is
good?  I spent two weeks just trying to understand what is going on
here, so I don't feel competent to try and submit the patch myself.

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