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You obviously have never built Libreoffice under a window, using
--enable-dbgutil.  So to tell me to do extra work...on your hypothesis.
Don't.  I have tons of work then to prove our your hypothesis. And I think
this rule should apply to any answers you give on Libreoffice.

I expect a Redhat developer, world experts in Linux...not to have me chase
their rabbits.


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Hi nicholas,

On Wednesday, 2014-09-17 07:46:19 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:

> I expect a much more erudite answer from a developer at redhat.
> To read my email and think oh...I can tell him to eliminate icu from a 
> build..and that is the only problem reported.  So problem is solved.
> That is irritating to read.

That is not what I said. I told you you need to build ICU and not use
with-system and you need to rebuild everything from scratch if you enable


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