nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at wingarch.com
Wed Sep 17 05:17:57 PDT 2014

I don't think that telling you..not to provide me with 'guesses' is insulting.

Libreoffice is a huge installation.  Your guesses  can cost me day(s) of useless work.  I'm not willin g to chase your guesses.  I am posting questions on this list so that an expert can answer me.  Expert with actual experience can tell me do a,b,c and problem solved. 

As a redhat developer, you should understand that.

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We're generally quite a friendly bunch, but you're not making it very
easy to help you.
You start off by insulting us, and then insult the person trying to help you.

If you need rapid answers, I suggest you start hanging out on the
#libreoffice-dev IRC channel, and give us a little more time -
remember that a lot of us here are pure volunteers, not being paid one
cent for our work.

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