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Wed Sep 24 12:50:50 PDT 2014

That's great Abdul-Samiel Naji!  I, too, was raised in Syria, but I now
live in Turkey with my body guards and mercenaries.  We are not far from a
refugee camp.  Perhaps we've seen each other when my men would visit to
punish many troublemakers (we offer payment to many soldiers for this great
enjoyment of ours)?  I wish to speak to you about your great business
opportunity.  As you might understand, we seek to do business with
trustworthy people like yourself only.  So many times we have had to
exterminate thieves, or remove tongues for lying.  Let me praise you for
contacting me with this honest business opportunity.  Please give me your
address and we will visit you tomorrow.  Make sure you have all your
finances with you, so we can establish our relationship without delay.  I
am a very impatient person, so DO NOT keep me waiting!
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