examples to manage docs using LibreOffice as a major component

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what I will put in...is that there have a been a boat load of well
intentioned software, where for some reason, the support community decided
that entry required a high cost of time + effort.

And those companies disappeared, eventually.

Quickfix on sourceforge had a very low cost of entry.  Developers could pick
it up and run with it.  RStudio has a low cost of entry.  Developers
download it, build it and then run with it.  Builders those app..is what is
called a 'no brainer'.  

LibreOffice has a terrible high cost of entry..at least for windows.  

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On 9/30/2014 12:47 PM, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> You missunderstand the english of a question.

We understand the English.

The people that understand the question also know what the usual
end-result of that question is. Consequently a short-circuit answer is
provided. If all that was required was the specific answer, that
short-circuit provided it. If what was desired was the usual end-result
of that question, then the short-circuit is inadequate.

Now, if you'd come up with "I'm trying to do x, headless, in Windows."
* Here is what I've done.
* Here is what happened in Windows.
* Here is what is happens on a Linux Box.
* Here is what I expected.
* This is how I get there in Linux.
* I tried it in Windows, but instead this happens.

The answer probably would have been closer to what you

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