Two svg import filters

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Wed Dec 16 00:49:31 PST 2015

Hi Thorsten,

Thorsten Behrens píše v Út 15. 12. 2015 v 23:46 +0100:

> Other than that, the two filters serve two very different purposes -
> the document filter actually tries to map svg as well as possible to
> ODF (it would work even better if LibreOffice's ODF filter would
> support more of the syntax and semantics of SVG), to get *editable*
> graphics.
> As such, replacing the document importer with something that sticks
> the image into a graphic object is missing the point IMO.

Armin wrote that svgio can "'break' to process/use the contained
geometries" - so my understanding was that it can be further editable;
is it not the case?  If not - how hard would it be to extend
drawinglayer to be able to "make something editable out of the contained

All the best,

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