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Hey Miguel,

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 10:03 PM, Miguel Prytoluk <prytolukster at>

> Greetings,
> I'm Miguel Prytoluk, a 22 years old Industrial Automation student from
> Brazil.
> I've been using free OS's since 4 years ago, and i've began to program by
> the end of last year, doing my first steps on python. I've been studying
> C++ since January, and i've managed to create some basic programs, but i
> don't really have tough programming experience, and that's what i'm looking
> for here.
> I'm really interested on participating on Google Summer of Code next
> summer (winter in Brazil), and by reading the ideas page throughly i've
> found one i think i would be able to help, and learn a lot in the process: *Improve
> automated error checking*
> I've been working with spreadsheets since some time ago, and i think i
> really fit into the "having crazy ideas" requisite. On my current job, i've
> developed some automated sheets for making our job really easier by
> designing some once-handwritten documents by simply filling some fields on
> the sheet, it was not actualy "programming" back then, but a lot of
> concepts involved were on it. Like in automation, i'd like to make the
> paths shorter, lifes easier, and search for the right ideas to do it.
> The only think i'm not really sure about would be if this project is
> adequate to my current programming level. As i've said before I never
> engaged on real programming work before. I've been studying C++ like crazy
> ever since i thought about participating on GSOC, and i'm pretty sure I can
> keep up on 'doable' projects for my current level.
> What do you guys think?
> Cheers,
> Miguel Prytoluk

Great to see that you are interested in this project. So as with any
LibreOffice GSoC task the first step would be to build it on your platform
and work on an easy hack. If you are interested in this task maybe picking
a calc easy hack is a good idea.

So you should try to make sure that you learn modern c++ for calc, like
functors, templates, compile time polymorphism, boost, standard containers,

If you have more questions please ask here or on libreoffice-dev on IRC.

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