Calc: LO print and sort problems

Anthonys Lists antlists at
Fri Mar 6 07:12:13 PST 2015

I probably ought to file a bug/enhancement report, but if anyone's 
interested they can investigate.

First the weirdo/bug. I've got an old spreadsheet from 3.5/3.4 days. It 
has six sheets in it. On three sheets, clicking print preview or print 
gave you a blank sheet, despite data on the sheet. On the other three, 
things worked fine. Copying the data to a new sheet fixed the problem, 
but it was weird hitting it ...

And the enhancement - sort seems to always guess wrong about a header 
row. That makes sorting a real pain, because the dialog comes up on the 
sort criteria tab. You then have to switch to the options tab, set/reset 
the "range contains column labels", and go back to sort criteria. NOT 
user friendly. Shouldn't we move this option at least on to the sort 
criteria tab? I can understand why it's on the options tab, but seeing 
as it directly affects the options available on the sort criteria tab, 
there is a very strong argument that this particular option does belong 
on the sort criteria tab.


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