Calc: LO print and sort problems

Kohei Yoshida libreoffice at
Fri Mar 6 08:22:05 PST 2015

> On March 6, 2015 at 10:12 AM Anthonys Lists <antlists at> wrote:
> I probably ought to file a bug/enhancement report, but if anyone's 
> interested they can investigate.
> First the weirdo/bug. I've got an old spreadsheet from 3.5/3.4 days. It 
> has six sheets in it. On three sheets, clicking print preview or print 
> gave you a blank sheet, despite data on the sheet. On the other three, 
> things worked fine. Copying the data to a new sheet fixed the problem, 
> but it was weird hitting it ...

Go to Format - Print Ranges - Edit and see if the print area is set to '- none
-'.  If so, set that to '- entire sheet -'.
OOo in the old days set this to - none - by default, and did something
incredibly weird to ignore this under certain use cases (which in turn caused
other weird behaviors that users reported as bugs). We have changed the default
to - entire sheet - in order to remove the weirdness which IMO made no sense at

> And the enhancement - sort seems to always guess wrong about a header 
> row. That makes sorting a real pain, because the dialog comes up on the 
> sort criteria tab. You then have to switch to the options tab, set/reset 
> the "range contains column labels", and go back to sort criteria. NOT 
> user friendly.

Yup, I agree, this is not user-friendly.

And this is strictly a UX issue, so hopefully someone (or some people) who have
been working on this sort of UI polish can jump in and come up with a way to
improve it.  What the code does is incredibly simple, so as long as we have a
good proposal for alternative behavior we should be able to change this fairly
easily.  And I personally have no objection for changing this.



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