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Im not quite sure im the most qualified person to respond to this message,
but ...

Maybe having access to the document you are experiencing this issue would
help. Also, you may want to sign up for and submit a bug report on:

[ and add that document as an attachment to that bug report ]

Just my 2$

- Maarten

On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 11:14 PM, D V Du <davandusen at> wrote:
> Using Mac, 4.4.1, on newest Yosemite,  Text Document goes to 99 - 100%
CPU (and stays above 95%) and shows one new 'Recent Hangs' every 5
seconds.  It also shows 1000 context switches PER SECOND ---...   During
quiescence,  stays above 90% except after non-use for 10 minutes.  Has many
context switches even during quiescence.
> On exact same context, Text Document shows average between .03
and 99%, only showing 99% CPU when actually active.  During quiescence it
gets down to .03 regularly, within 30 seconds.  Has only a few context
switches during quiescence.
> Each of above was in same configuration, same document, same applications
and background processes running and with 16G of storage.  Each version
showed about 250M real memory and about 3.6G of virtual memory.
> In each case, I deleted caches and preferences before running. In each
case, I used the same document (a 30 page table with simple formatting) and
repeated the 'test' with that same document twice (or more) to be sure that
it was not a corrupted document.
> D
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