[GSoC] To students applying for the Libre Office project

Łukasz Hryniuk lukasz.hryniuk at wp.pl
Tue Mar 10 14:28:27 PDT 2015


I hope you have subscribed to this list and you'll receive my message ;).

Many of you have questions about the application and preparation for a 
proposal writing. As you already know, you should read a few wiki pages 
(and do, what they tell about) or ask an adequate mentor. Additionally, 
I would like to share with you the Student Guide, I've found some time 
ago, which should help you to increase your chance to be accepted and 
clarify the concerns:

You can find there some tips about choosing an idea to work on, time 
management, info about the Open Source Culture and proposal examples.

I belive it will be helpful.

Best regards,
Łukasz Hryniuk

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