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Fri Mar 13 23:00:02 PDT 2015


* Open changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

~~~~ First time contributors doing great things! ~~~~
+ tdf#89387 Add functor for ScAmpersand
  in from Łukasz Hryniuk
  about module sc
+ tdf#88001 -- Default document view, force single page rather than automat
  in from V Stuart Foote
  about module officecfg, sw
+ Support "a/b" style of fractions, not just "a b/c" style. Also fixes a cr
  in from Laszlo Kis-Adam
  about module vcl
+ tdf#88230: cleanup solar mutex yielding
  in from Pranav Kant
  about module accessibility, basctl, cui, desktop, editeng, extensions, fpicker, framework, starmath, svtools, sw, uui, vcl
+ tdf#80758:empty values in button name not respected
  in from Rishabh Kumar
  about module cui
+ tdf#81073 :Addition of text zoom levels to print preview zoom
  in from Rishabh Kumar
  about module include, svx, sw
~~~~ End of freshness ~~~~

+ tdf#89361 Remove remnants of Gopher support
  in from Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
  about module external, include, sal, svtools
+ CppCheck cleaning : unnecessary assignment
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
  about module filter
+ tdf#43157: Enable format check in sal_detail_logFormat
  in from Stephan Bergmann
  about module include
+ CppCheck cleaning : remove unused struct member
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
  about module desktop
+ CppCheck cleaning : scope reduction and printf format
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
  about module sal
+ CppCheck cleaning : unnecessary affectation
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
  about module oox
+ CppCheck cleaning : avoid unnecessary affectation
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
  about module dbaccess
+ tdf#89597: Resize formula buffers after adding a dummy sheet
  in from Katarina Behrens
  about module sc
+ vcl/text: fix duplicate text in fontwork tdf#81876
  in from Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer
  about module vcl

* Merged changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ CppCheck cleaning : avoid static string comparison
  in from Michaël Lefèvre
+ Simplify code constructing uno::Sequence<OUString> by initializer_list
  in from Takeshi Abe
+ CppCheck cleaning : redundant checking of elemet existence
  in from Michaël Lefèvre

* Abandoned changes on master for project core changed in the last 25 hours:

+ tdf#88001 - adjust statusbar tooltip to "Multiple-page view"
  in from V Stuart Foote
+ tdf#60739 Code factorisation in Sw shells.
  in from Michaël Lefèvre

* Open changes needing tweaks, but being untouched for more than a week:

+ SkipImages option for document import
  in from Németh László
+ fdo#83672 , fdo#67776 : Fixed shape rotation angle in xlsx import.
  in from Sushil Shinde
+ tdf#85491 : break parameter incorrectly set in .XLSX import.
  in from Sushil Shinde
+ more breeze icons
  in from Jonathan Riddell
+ fdo#86606 removal of direct formatting options from the context menu
  in from Yousuf Philips
+ fdo#87441-Sending document as Email removes invisible content - this shou
  in from Charu Tyagi
+ Drop MAC_OS_X_VERSION_... variables
  in from Douglas Mencken
+ fdo#63905: fix regression by using paper size set in printer properties
  in from Clément Lassieur
+ jpeg-turbo: OpenCL for decompression of jpegs.
  in from Jan Holesovsky
+ GPU Calc:Support string parameter in SUMIF an SUMIFS.
  in from Hao Chen
+ vcl: Reduce OpenGLX11CairoTextRender surface area to size of text bounds
  in from Chris Sherlock
+ wip: get rid of svx dbtoolsclient
  in from Lionel Elie Mamane
+ Fix typo code Persistant
  in from Andrea Gelmini
+ fdo#88309: Standardize, cleanup, and improve Assertions
  in from Ashod Nakashian
+ --with-macosx-app-name= is unused, so bin it from AC_ARG_WITH list
  in from Douglas Mencken
+ fdo#75825-"Send Document as E-Mail" not working
  in from Charu Tyagi
+ fix "can't call method `mode' on an undefined value"
  in from Douglas Mencken
+ gbuild-to-ide fixes
  in from Peter Foley
+ fdo#82335.
  in from Sudarshan Rao
+ fdo#39625 Make existing CppUnittests work
  in from Tobias Madl
+ fdo#86784 make soffice commandline in juh Bootstrap.bootstrap() configura
  in from Christoph Lutz
+ start detection of kf5 stuff in
  in from Jonathan Riddell


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