GSOC 2015. Haskell UNO Language Binding

Nikita Uvarov uv.nikita at
Sat Mar 21 12:18:01 PDT 2015

Hello, my name is Nikita Uvarov.

email: uv.nikita at
irc: uvnikita
github: uvNikita <>

I am a student of National Technical University of Ukraine. Currently I'm
getting master degree in Computer Systems and Networks.

I want to participate in GSOC 2015. I'm interested in "Haskell UNO Language
Binding" idea.

I'm working on part-time as a Python software developer for 3 years
(project architecture team). Besides Python I'm very interested in
functional programming languages. I successfully finished Scala course on
Coursera and write some university projects in Haskell. Some of them:
<> (in-progress, QML +
SyntacticAnalyzer <>
TopologyCalc <>
FileService <>
TopologyRouting <>

My C language experience is not so big, just three university projects
(still qualitative on my opinion): simple file system
<>, linear-allocator
<>, zone-allocator

My open source experience includes bug fix in Pillow
<> python library, commit in redis-py
<> library and my own other projects
like appstats <>, librarian
<> and fsm_builder

I would be happy to participate in such huge open source project as

I need to fix one bug, as I understood. I'm not experienced C++ developer,
can you give me advice where I can start?
Thank you for your attention.
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