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Huzaifa Iftikhar huzaifa3196 at
Sun Mar 22 12:24:28 PDT 2015

I am Huzaifa Iftikhar and currently I am pursuing B.Tech. from Maharaja
Agrasen Institute of Technology (GGSIPU, New Delhi). I would like to
contribute to Libre in this Google Summer of Code 2015. I am confident
enough that I will surely make a positive contribution to the community.

I am interested in C and C++ Programming languages. I have shared my
project on Github which was made by me as a part of my school project.

I am currently working on EasyHack #75280 and am trying to understand and
learn LibreOffice code and get used to it. I will ask questions if in doubt
and will commit changes as soon I feel that I have fixed the bug.

I checked project ideas for GSoC 2015 and would like to work on the idea
"More and better tests". I find this idea interesting and would love to
learn more about it by *Michael Stahl.*
I will to my best this summer and will contribute to LibreOffice with my
full efforts and dedication. I may also work on the other ideas but I might
require additional information by the mentors. I don't have any other major
commitments anywhere else during the summer.

Email: huzaifa3196 at
IRC (Nickname) : Huzaifa

Looking forward to contributing this summer.
Huzaifa Iftikhar
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