[Bug 39596] use the CLang++ static analyser to find bugs

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--- Comment #24 from Maarten Hoes <hoes.maarten at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to danichocolate714 from comment #23)
> I am building this as
> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Clang_Code_Analysis
> described now...
> But I am not sure what should I look for. To see if clang can find any bugs?
> Can any body give me some more hints?
> And I found some tricky things while building...is that helpful to others?


I think there are a few things one could choose to pick up (or not) here:

1.) Create the html reports
Perhaps building with clang requires updates to the code or libreoffice build

2.) Update / Improve the wiki page documentation
The wiki page that describes how to create the reports may not be as accurate
or precise as one would like.

3.) Create an automated way to produce the clang reports 
Create a (shell, python, etc.) script that can then be scheduled somewhere to
automaticallly create and update the reports, and upload them somewhere on a
regular basis.

4.) Investigate the reports
Investigate the issues in the html report, and submit patches for the actual
real issues found (instead of the false positives).

Hope this helps.

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