[Bug 39596] use the CLang++ static analyser to find bugs

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--- Comment #25 from danichocolate714 at gmail.com ---
Hi Maarten,

1 I finished the build and checked all the comments to this issue again. Then
did I realize as Julien Nabet mentioned: there are reports produced every one
or two weeks (By now the latest one is Mar 20th 2015) at this link:

2 I have edited the wiki page with account danichocolate_
adding some problems I faced during building. Hope it's helpful. 

3 There will be only three lines in the shell script. Thus I would think it's
fine not to have a fully automatic shell script for now.

4 I am still looking into the bug reports. Most of them are style errors which
wouldn't harm the project, I would like to report new bugs if I find any
valuable ones. 

Based on Julien Nabet, libreoffice is built with clang frequently. Thus I would
suggest to close this bug.

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