Photo Album: Better Image Layout, help needed

Enes Ateş enes at
Thu Mar 26 14:32:40 PDT 2015


I started to work on Photo Album: Better Image Layout bug #64575 . Image
size calculation is implemented and committed to gerrit. But I haven't
finished crop function yet.

I found some code pointers about CropHandlers [1] [2]. But I need some help
to use on my code.
I am trying to give "rectangular area" information to crop end point. I
already have image size and top left corner coordinate for rectangular
area. As I understand from code pointers, I should give Rectangle (left,
top, right, bottom) to create SdrHandlers. I use SdrHandlers and
GraphicObject to create SdrCropHandler. But I don't know exactly how can I
create them.

Thanks for your help.



Enes Ateş
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