[Bug 57174] When Opening Any Dialog the First Value in the Dialog Should be Selected

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--- Comment #4 from Katarina Behrens <bubli at bubli.org> ---
This bug has been fixed as a part of GSoC 2015 application process. While I
would accept the code as non-trivial easy hack, thus a valid GSoC application
(the candidate fixed the bug and demonstrated understanding of LibO code), I do
question the validity of this bug. Here is why:

1. Sure, selecting (highlighting) the value  of a text|spin box makes it easier
for the user to delete the value or input their own value. But some users might
want to use the mouse and change the spin box value by clicking on spin
buttons. Highlighting the value might become confusing for them. One man's bug
is the other man's feature

2. What to do if there are more input fields in the dialog? Select the first
one? Or some other one? What if it's not the one the user wants to change?
(selecting multiple input fields is iirc not possible)

3. Finally, if we decide to select (hightlight) the values of input field(s) on
opening the dialog, we should do it consistently in every LibO dialog and

UX team: any thoughts?

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