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Tue Mar 31 04:03:06 PDT 2015

On 31/03/15 11:38, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>     Other than that - if it really comes to not using any word-processing
>     features at all, just type in your notepad equivalent and copy'n'paste
>     to LO after you're done typing.
> Very good advice. We should resist feature creep. If somebody suggests
> "why not add a touch typist mode to LO where you can only enter text and
> nothing ever pops up and no shortcuts or accelerators are active", the
> answer should be no. We already have too many modes. (Of course, my
> opinion is different if somebody pays me to work on such a feature.)
Point taken. But I'm an old WordPerfect hand, as you might remember ... :-)

The advice with Word was always "type the text first, go back and format
later". Very much the opposite with WordPerfect - "type the text, with
formatting hints, and let WP take care of it". So you would use
<bold-on>, <bold-off>, etc as you typed. So I *do* want to take
advantage of word processor features, I just want a "do what I say, and
don't assume ..." mode. :-) And if I type <ctrl-p> by mistake then I get
a dialog - I asked for it, I get it - maybe I just have too many bad
memories of Clippy ... :-)

I could bash in a WordPerfect document, confident that it would print
pretty much as I wanted, and then just need to clean it up. It sounds
like LO has gone a fair way down that route :-)

(btw, Christian, I remember tearing my hair out over autocorrect - there
was (hopefully it's gone now) an autocorrupt feature that was not
controlled from Format|Autocorrect. Possibly in calc, probably in
Writer/Tables. It was an absolute devil to track down and disable - it
made it impossible for me to format the document correctly. Can't
remember the details now, it was a while ago, it'll be in the archives


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