[Bug 90290] reduce some copy&paste code in ucalc

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--- Comment #7 from Kohei Yoshida <libreoffice at kohei.us> ---
BTW, just to mention this for the record, I did this type

if (!checkFormula(*m_pDoc, aPos, "SUM(A3:A7)"))
    CPPUNIT_FAIL("Wrong formula!");

of checks so that when it fails, you can get the line number of where the check
actually fails.  One disadvantage of writing a common function for this is that
when the check fails, the line number now points where inside that shared
function, not where it was called, and then you'd have to do some hunting to
see which check actually failed in what test case.

I'm not saying "don't do it", but I'm simply saying there is a thought behind
it, and there is a disadvantage to "cleaning it up".

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