Two svg import filters

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Wed Nov 4 06:30:49 PST 2015

Hi Caolán,

Caolán McNamara schrieb:
> We have svgio which is being used for insert->image->from file and
> filter/source/svg which is being used for open file.
> Which one is "the future", and what prevents us from using it in both
> places ?

I suggest to use svgio in both cases (as Apache OpenOffice does) for 
following reasons:
- It is double work to maintain two import filters. The filter used for 
File > Open has a lot of bugs, and no one has fixed them.
- The file-open filter automatically converts the svg-file, but ODF is 
not able to describe all features of svg. If the svg-file is only 
rendered as svg, then it is possible to show it more correctly.
- The svgio filter keeps the svg-file, therefore no data is lost.
- Because converting a svg-file to ODF will loose information, such 
converting should not be done automatically, but only on explicit user 

Kind regards

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