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Thu Nov 5 00:09:08 PST 2015

 From a users point of view:
Inserting a SVG-image in Writer, Calc or Impress must been done 
"unchanged" because users will in 99% off all cases not edit a Image.
Opening in Draw is a different game where in most cases the user has the 
intention tot edit a image and  save back SVG or  as  a  other format.

A same sort of  filter who import a PDF as Graphic  in Writer, Calc and 
Impress would be very nice to. Currently we need a third party app to 
convert PDF to SVG  before we can insert a PDF-file into writer, Calc or 


On 4/11/2015 13:30, Armin Le Grand wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 04.11.2015 um 13:11 schrieb Caolán McNamara:
>> We have svgio which is being used for insert->image->from file and
>> filter/source/svg which is being used for open file.
>> Which one is "the future", and what prevents us from using it in both
>> places ?
> svgio: Imports SVG as Graphic, keeps SVG unchanged, embedded in ODF, 
> can be exported again, can be broken to graphic objects to use/change 
> geometrically
> filter/source/svg: New for me, seems to directly convert on XML-Base 
> from SVG to ODF by breaking at import time
> future: Not sure, there are probably args for each. If you want to 
> preserve the SVG unchanged, svgio and a resulting ODF with one graphic 
> object and embedded original SVG might be preferred. Needs to be 
> discussed.
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