Two svg import filters

Xisco FaulĂ­ anistenis at
Thu Nov 5 01:30:58 PST 2015

Hi all,

Recently I've been working on some fixes for filter/source/svg/* and my
intention would be to spend some more time to fix other issues in this
filter as there's plenty of room for improvements. However, I'd like to
know if a decision is going to be make wrt this topic before I do other
fixes as I wouldn't like to work on something that, eventually, is going to
be drop.
>From my point of view, I find svgio to support more svg elements and
atributtes than svg filter but, as mentioned before, they do different
things, svgio imports the file as svg and the filter as a draw document so
it can be edited afterwards, so either we drop one or the other we are
going to lose some already implemented features. On the other hand, it's
also a pain to have 2 filters that do more or less the same.
With regards to the missing support in svg filter, I don't think it
wouldn't be to difficult to improve it, as other filters already implement
similar features, so they can be taken as a guidance.


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