git / gerrit best work flow ?

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Hi jan,

On Monday, 2015-11-09 10:00:01 -0700, jan iversen wrote:

> Sometimes I have to correct an older patch set, I do the following in core:
> git pull
> <cherry pick gerrit patch set>
> make changes
> ./logerrit ...
> Then in order to cleanup I do
> git reset head~
> git checkout files from changeset
> This does not seem optimal, any suggestion on how to effectively work with
> different changesets fast ?

Use git-review ;-)
(that page btw seems a bit outdated regarding installation, git-review
should be available now with all(?) distros, and the page should not
focus on git-review development but usage in our gerrit process instead)

Instead of git-review you can also use ./logerrit to create a branch and
cherry-pick the gerrit change and submit an amended commit for that
change and clean the temporary branch, but git-review does all that for
you. Plus, which I regard as a big bonus, it warns about multiple
commits that are about to be pushed to gerrit, whereas ./logerrit
silently pushes them all.

So, basically

# download changenumber and apply on a temporary branch named after
# submitter and changenumber (changenumber is the currently 5 digits
# gerrit change, not the Change-Id):
git review <changenumber>
# do your changes
git commit --amend ...
git review -R -f
# -R skips rebasing change (may be desired when amending a change, see
# git review --help), then pushes to gerrit, and -f finishes the
# temporary branch, switching back to your branch and removing the
# temporary branch

You can also use  git review -x <changenumber>   to just cherry-pick
onto your current branch without creating a named branch, e.g. if your
master isn't ahead of origin/master and a  git review   would not result
in multiple changes to be pushed, and after submitting to gerrit do
git reset --hard HEAD^
Otherwise a separate branch is of advantage.

Btw,  git reset HEAD^   (without --hard) probably is not what you want
(actually it is the same as  git reset --mixed HEAD^ ), it just undoes
the commit and preserves the modified files, so you could git add and
include them in your next commit..


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