[Bug 32419] When inserted on Writer, get "Base size" for formulas from underlining paragraph

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--- Comment #14 from Yury <yury.tarasievich at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Aneesh Dandime from comment #13)
> I am taking up the task of implementing this enhancement.

Nice and commendable :). Thanks in advance!

While you are digging, would you please consider the following suggestion for
your solution: use special set of character styles, used for setting the
fontfaces, bold/italics, etc. in formulas?

Those styles could have names on the lines of "*formula", "*formula
(functions)", etc., and be initialised, e.g., from default char style. (Can you
have "commonly hidden" style names in LO?)

Now, those styles would be used on new formula creation, if present. Their use
could be switched off for individual formulas (like with checkbox "use formula
look styles" in formula properties). AND their use should be switchable off for
the document as a whole, too.

P.S. If I had any hope of implementing it in reasonable timeframe, I'd have a
try myself. Current functionality is a pain to work with. As it is, I can only
try to envision the look-and-feel of how I'd wish this to work.

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