[Bug 32419] When inserted on Writer, get "Base size" for formulas from underlining paragraph

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--- Comment #15 from Aneesh Dandime <f2014890 at goa.bits-pilani.ac.in> ---
(In reply to Yury from comment #14)
> (In reply to Aneesh Dandime from comment #13)
> > I am taking up the task of implementing this enhancement.
> Nice and commendable :). Thanks in advance!
> While you are digging, would you please consider the following suggestion
> for your solution: use special set of character styles, used for setting the
> fontfaces, bold/italics, etc. in formulas?
> Those styles could have names on the lines of "*formula", "*formula
> (functions)", etc., and be initialised, e.g., from default char style. (Can
> you have "commonly hidden" style names in LO?)
> Now, those styles would be used on new formula creation, if present. Their
> use could be switched off for individual formulas (like with checkbox "use
> formula look styles" in formula properties). AND their use should be
> switchable off for the document as a whole, too.
> P.S. If I had any hope of implementing it in reasonable timeframe, I'd have
> a try myself. Current functionality is a pain to work with. As it is, I can
> only try to envision the look-and-feel of how I'd wish this to work.

This is my first "Easy Hack" attempt. In fact LO is my first open source
endeavour. I will try my best tho any leads from previous attempts might be
handy. So, if you have worked on it previously, please guide me.

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