[Bug 36943] Toolbar Edit Points missing (beziermode) in CALC - Need help

Papamatti matti_lx at mailbox.org
Sun Nov 15 12:25:41 PST 2015

Hello list,

the bug 36943 exists since 2006 and I tried to figure out, why it is not 
possible to use the edit point mode in calc , the button is still there 
but the toolbar to add, remove points to a drawn line is hidden.

Is there someone on this list who is familiar with this function and the 
source code? The edit point mode is working well in writer, impress and 
draw - but not in calc - why?

I'm trying to understand the sourcecode, but it is very diffcult for me, 
because I don't really understand how this sourcecode monster is working ;-)

Do the programm modules have not the same codebase?

I need some advice.



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