Improved PPTX format decoding

Katarina Behrens Katarina.Behrens at
Mon Nov 16 01:29:07 PST 2015

Hi David, 

> I received a slideshow the other day in a format that the latest
> LibreOffice in Debian Sid could not properly read. I have attached it
> here to assist the developers interested in reverse-engineering it.
> I am not a proponent of the PPTX format, but Impress needs to be able to
> read it so that it can be converted to OpenDocument without proprietary
> software.

We appreciate your effort to improve LibreOffice and its interoperability in 
particular, but next time please open a bugzilla ticket ( here: ), describing your problem and attaching 
your bug documents there.

That's the standard way of reporting bugs in our project and it gives you some 
guarantee that your bug will be triaged at least and eventually brought into 
attention of developers. Using any other way (such as developer ML, 
ask.libreoffice, Twitter, reddit etc.), bugs tend to fall into memory hole and 
no one hears of them since.

But as it happens (since you didn't tell us what exactly is wrong with your 
presentation, I'm just guessing it's the white text on white background), 
you're not the only one:

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