Google Mentor Summit report

Cedric Bosdonnat at
Fri Nov 20 08:26:02 PST 2015

Hi all,

I have attended the Google Mentor Summit on Nov. 6th - 8th. Here is a
short summary of what it has been for me.

 * As usual it has been a nice occasion to meet people from projects we
would never have met
 * Had an interesting discussion on coala (
 * Discovered twitter search tool loklak ( I'm not
using twitter, but I'm sure this could be useful for someone ;)
 * Interesting chat with openkeychain guys
 * Good to meet Marcus and libvirt/qemu guys once again
 * Had a session on virtualization/containers usage in opensource
projects. Our pre-built sources VM for hackfest has interested mariadb
people. Nothing really new on the topic other than that.
 * Like every year, the chocolate and tea rooms where exceptional
 * This year, Google hosted us in the TechCorner, that was at a walking
distance from the hotel: a really good point.
 * Attended the lightning talks sessions: there are always crazy
projects during gsoc.


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