Calc function to check for text that could be number in order to place UI indicators

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Fri Oct 16 07:13:10 PDT 2015

Hi Łukasz,

On Saturday, 2015-10-10 13:47:33 +0200, Łukasz Hryniuk wrote:

> Where can I start? You showed me some code during the Hackfest, but I don't
> remember what it was exactly. Is ScOutputData::LayoutStrings in
> sc/source/ui/view/output2.cxx the right place?

So I dug into that, and while LayoutStrings() looks like a logical place
to obtain the information, it is not the right place to do so.. ;) for
the reason that it actually should really only obtain the strings to be
drawn, which may involve recalculation etc. Stuffing all sorts of checks
in there isn't good, because when scrolling through the document the
information is not of interest until the user stops scrolling. Doing
additional checks would just slow down scrolling.

The checks should be triggered only if the view is "stable" and no user
input pending. Take a look at sc/source/ui/app/scmod.cxx the IdleHandler
and SpellTimerHdl, things should be similar to the spell check handling
and how it is done in ScGridWindow::ContinueOnlineSpelling()


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