Calc function to check for text that could be number in order to place UI indicators

Łukasz Hryniuk lukasz.hryniuk at
Sat Oct 10 04:47:33 PDT 2015


On 07.10.2015 14:10, Eike Rathke wrote:
> On the LibreOffice Conference Hackfest at Aarhus we talked about placing
> UI indicators in the current view to hint cells that contain text that
> could be numbers instead. I moved and adapted the interpreter's function
> that handles such strings to ScGlobal::ConvertStringToValue(), see
> sc/inc/global.hxx for declaration/description and
> sc/source/core/data/global2.cxx for implementation, it can be used in
> a view's idle loop to detect such cell content.
> I hope you're still interested in that project :)

yes, I'm still interested in that. We talked about marking cells with 
something like little square in a corner...

On 08.10.2015 11:31, Caolán McNamara wrote:
> That would be v. neat. If we had a UI indicator for errors/warnings
> detected in the idle loop I imagine we could extend it with all sorts
> of checks, like Andrzej's unit detection stuff and things like
> "formulas inconsistent with neighbouring formulas" ?

and I think we could have simply a list of "suspicious" cells, that will 
collect results of different checks. With some description or check type 
indication we will be able to undertake different actions for each cell 
in the list. Beside a cell indication we could have some information on 
the status bar saying what's wrong with the cell and maybe an element in 
a context menu, e.g. "Fix cell(s)->", which will let user to convert 
string to number/change unit to be consistent with the rest/.../even fix 
typo in formula name (e.g. "SU" to "SUM/SUMPRODUCT/SUMSQ").

Where can I start? You showed me some code during the Hackfest, but I 
don't remember what it was exactly. Is ScOutputData::LayoutStrings in 
sc/source/ui/view/output2.cxx the right place?


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