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Michael Stahl mstahl at
Mon Sep 7 06:03:33 PDT 2015

On 05.09.2015 08:15, Nathan Wells wrote:
> I
> downloaded:
> And get an error on startup:
> Assertion failed!
> Program:....ram Files (x86)\LibreOfficeDev5\program\vcllc.dll
> File: C:/cygwin/home/tinderbox/master/vcl..../Physica....ily.cxx
> Line: 284
> Expression: pClonedFace->GetFamilyName().replaceAll("-","").trim() ==
> GetFamilyName().replaceAll("-", "").trim()

this is probably some odd font you have installed that the other
developers don't have, and you can check the 2 compared strings about
what is going on.

see also:

79a277072a09b486538470a546ecdcbe81e37c95 "My 'SkakNew-Figurine' font has
a hyphen in its name"

5282daadfec077a28a0a304d0488e06ae24555d3 "my 'Cleanvertising ' font has
a space at its end"

> The error might be reported already, but just thought I would check.

it's unlikely to be reported since it's an assert so it doesn't crash in
release builds; it might of course cause other bugs down later in
handling that particular font that don't necessarily manifest as crashes.

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