Libreoffice build : Chart and spellcheck not working

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier at
Wed Sep 9 04:17:47 PDT 2015

On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 2:45 PM, Madhura Ravindra Palsule
<madhurap at> wrote:
> Hi,> My OS version is Win 7.
> trying to build using a patch updated.
> Struggling with spellcheck, unable to add dictionaries in build (tried using
> flag --with-external-dict-dir = libo-core/dictionsries/en  and
> --with-myspell-dicts= libo-core/dictionsries/en ) But no use, giving same
> output.
> [...]
> No dictionary is copied to installed folder\extension folder
> How to include dictionaries form source in resulting msi?

By *not* using those flags.

with-extenal-dict-dir tells LO (once it is installed) to look for
dictionaries in the specified path. This is mostly for
linux-distributions that have systemwide installed dictionaries in
/usr/share/myspell or similar.

and --with-myspell-dicts realls should be treated as
--enable-myspell-dicts - it doesn't accept a path. It only checks for
"yes" and libo-core/dictionaries... is != yes, so it is af if you had
specified "--without-myspell-dicts", i.e. the exact opposite of what
you want.

(And even if it accepted a path in the source - why specify the name
of the toplevel directory? I would expect it to find it in
if you're building within the sourcedirectly, I would have expect just
dictionaries/en - or rather just dictionaries, as there are multiple
ones included)

you should not only specify options, but also look at what configure
prints out as result of those options.

--with-myspell-dicts=libo-core/dictionaries/en | grep dict
Running ./configure with
'--srcdir=/home/cl/vc/git/libo-core' '--enable-option-checking=fatal'
checking whether to include MySpell dictionaries... no
checking whether to use dicts from external paths... yes
checking for spelling dictionary directory... file://libo-core/dictionsries/en

→ you disable inclusion of myspell dictionaries, and you tell it to
look in /libo-core/dictionsries/en (typo in the path in addition to
not doing what you want:-))


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