[Bug 67465] EPS rendering: locating pstoedit on Mac a problem

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--- Comment #25 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
(In reply to Robert R. Howell from comment #23)
Well the obvious thing is to simply break the path to pstoedit, or uninstall
it. And to insure that ghostscript (or Imagemagick convert) is on path to
perform the RenderAsBMP preview.

With its very low quality rendering to EMF/WMF, pstoedit is really of
questionable utility. It is not clear if the pstoedit paid EMF plugin improves
things. Simply don't use it--then no need for an environment variable switch.

The bigger issue for scientific and technical publication (once poor quality
EMF/WMF preview rendering is removed) is that the substitute preview BMP is
rendered at 300dpi.  And those raster previews, while fine for on screen use,
are passed out for printing or embedding into ps or PDF ( bug 81497 ) with loss
of vector graphic quality needed for publication.

Likewise, for EPS images with embedded TIFF previews--those low resolution
previews are used as the RenderAsBMP is never called to regenerate them. And
the original preview is passed for ps or PDF generation. Replacement of the
preview might be worthwhile to implement for on screen use.

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