[Bug 67465] EPS rendering: locating pstoedit on Mac a problem

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--- Comment #26 from Robert R. Howell <rhowell at uwyo.edu> ---
Removing pstoedit does work as a debugging test (that's partly how I isolated
the problem) but it doesn't work in practice for most users because it breaks
other software packages which rely on pstoedit.  If there's a way to just
remove it from the LibreOffice path could you let me know?  But that still is a
much more obscure fix for most users than simply providing an option to
explicitly set the renderer preference.  If it were just me I'd simply reverse
the preference from the current one, but that might have negative impacts on

I understand this patch doesn't fix all the problems, but the pdf and printer
output I get from this is still a LOT better than with pstoedit.  It may not
provide the enhancements requested by some, but it DOES (at least for me) fix
the very bad regression which started sometime after 4.1.6.  And that
regression for users who DID have tolerably working EPS rendering, is what has
caused the most serious complaints.

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