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Hey Anis, *,

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 11:46 AM, Anis Tello <anis.tello at> wrote:

> Dear LibreOffice members,
> I am Anis Tello, a master degree student at the university of Lille,
> faculty of computer sciences, in France.
> In the following few months, we a 4 person group would like to participate
> by *writing tests* to the LibreOffice project.
> Would you please explain to us the project, what are the needs and the
> parts of the project that you would like us to write the tests for?
> Hope that our participation will be useful.
> Thanks in advance.
in general I consider writing tests in itself without corresponding core
changes quite difficult. So often it is easier to look for fixed bugs that
did not get a corresponding test case.

Our testing framework can be found in */qa, test/ and unotest/ and consists
of many different parts. An old presentation of mine (quite some of the
stuff mentioned there under future have been implemented already or are
under development):
Another recent presentation mainly about the crash testing from Caolan:
Additionally  a recent blog post from me about our performance tests:

I hope that this helps with some background information and shows you the
different types of tests that are currently available in LibreOffice. If
you want to look into specific tests I think you need to talk to the
maintainers of the different modules.

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