Spanish Dictionary updated to version 2.1

Ricardo Palomares Martínez rpmdisguise-java at
Sun Apr 3 23:32:52 UTC 2016


This time I think I've managed to properly follow the steps through
Gerrit (thank you so much to Adolfo Jayme Barrientos for his help in
past versions that showed me the right steps). This is the Gerrit change:

There is a previous try ( that
I've marked as Abandoned, because there were some minor glitches in
README and XML files, and because I was a bit puzzled by the approx.
8,000 deletions. After reviewing them, it is correct such huge
removal, since it was a huge and unprepared place names file that we
have retired for other smaller and better organized files.

I have uploaded the full 2.1 version OXT set (one for each Spanish
variant) to LibreOffice Extensions website, although the version is
not released yet. Let me know if you need it to go public before
accepting the Gerrit changeset.


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