ODF problems with feature table-template

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Sun Aug 21 16:39:32 UTC 2016


I have locked at the new feature of storing a <table:table-template> and 
see some problems:

The link to the commit in 
does not work.

If the document is saved as strict ODF1.2, then the attributes in loext 
namespace are not omitted as it should be, but they are written without 
any namespace.

If the document is saved as ODF1.1, then the attributes in loext 
namespace are written, but without namespace.

The generated cell styles have an attribute style:parent-style-name. Its 
value should be a reference to a style in style family "table-cell". But 
the value is in all cases the name of the <table:table-template> 
element. I expect that there exists a default table-cell style and maybe 
in addition a basic table-cell style for this specific table template. 
Those would be suitable as value of style:parent-style-name attribute.

Kind regards

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