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ty armour aarmour at cipmail.org
Fri Feb 5 23:23:22 UTC 2016

I am looking for tutorials on how to basically write every aspect of
libreoffice so that I and indeed anyone can contribute useful and
meaningful code.

I mean every aspect of writing libre office. from your version of word to
your version of powerpoint. I need tutorials and theories for every line of

Also, you might consider writing an online version of libre office and make
it compatable with word.

I dont know if you guys have compatability so that I can open word
documents and powerpoint documents in libre office. if you do cool if not
then add another tutorial.

but yeah I need tutorials on all of the code so that I and anyone can help
contribute to libre office and make it better. also, you might consider
making a windows version or compiling this software with cygwin or mingw
and posting tutorials on that.

get creative and the more tutorials the better, because then anyone and
everyone can contribute meaningful code.

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