BZ difficultyEasy -> difficultyBeginner (admin help neeeded)

jan iversen jani at
Mon Feb 8 18:33:03 UTC 2016

> Jan I: Feel free to ping me re: change requests for Keywords. We'll
> want to make sure that any pertinent docs on are the wiki are updated,
> and perhaps something else that I'm not remembering off the top of my
> head...

Thanks a lot,  I want to reduce the skill* keywords in the near future, and will mail you a list.

Most of my work is not changing keywords, but looking at the single issues and making adjustments, and of course sometimes I look at a lot of issues during a couple of hours, which can be quite I hoped for a solution, where I could change these issues, without generating mail without affecting the mail generation from others.

> Yeah, dealing with Bugzilla sometimes feels like wrestling with a Klingon targ.
Be happy we do not use Jira

jan i.

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