5.* series builds defective on Slackware

jan iversen jani at documentfoundation.org
Mon Feb 8 19:51:23 UTC 2016


> /apologies for sending this twice, but it seems the list isn't working well/

Actually this list works pretty well, but is in general a list for developers, who want to contribute.

I assume (without knowing it for a fact), that the reason you did not get a reply to your first email, was that nobody felt they had a fast answer to your question.

> The binary 5.1.0.* downloaded from pre-releases, shows no such problem, metrics about the same.

If the 5.1.0 binary works, then the problem does not seem to be the code, so why not simply use that.

> I don't know anything about linux profiling and/or debugging. Could somebody help? Should I build in some other distro (in emulator)? Building 4.* series was okay.

Did you search in google, a simple search showed (to my surprise) quite a number of entries.

We have made a step-by-step guide for people who want to help contributing:

jan I.

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