Old/Obsolete file format import still needed?

Bryan Quigley gquigs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 19:20:50 UTC 2016

>However if the filter is broken, lack significant features or otherwise call for support, that makes it a candidate for removal.
I'll try to find some more in the wild instances of these formats and
determine just how bad the support is.  OS/2 Metafile was the worst in
my previous testing so I'll look there first.

>         As JanI says, cf. the ESC minutes - being the swiss-army-knife of file
> formats that loads ~anything you can throw at it is quite important.

Understood.  Sorry I missed those ESC minutes.

>         Anyhow - I share your concern wrt. the attack surface that all these
> old file filters provide for us; I attach a prototype patch that adds an
> 'EXOTIC' annotation to our filter descriptions. It is missing a UI
> Interaction Handler piece (cf. the hole with the notes and so on in
> there ;-) - we'll need a new request type I guess.
>         My ideal would be to pop up a dialog saying:
>         "You're asking LibreOffice to open a very unusual file-type.
>          Unless you are certain that this file is indeed a <Lotus
>          Word Pro> file it is safest to not open it.
>          [ ] - never show this again
>                       [ this is an unusual file ] [get me out of here ]"
>         Of some kind =) is that something you'd be interested in working on ?
Thanks for the first pass code.  I generally don't find dialouges like
that to be super useful (many users just click right through).
However, in labeling them Exotic we could add a configuration option
to let system administrators disable them all in one go for a secure
site, etc.  I'll look into that more.

Thanks again both,

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