Problem Building Libreoffice on Linux

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Tue Feb 16 20:37:42 UTC 2016

Hi Pranav,

you write:
> No core file identified in directory
> /mnt/D-Drive/LibreOffice/libreoffice/workdir/CppunitTest/svgio.test.core
> To show backtraces for crashes during test execution,
> enable core files with:
>    ulimit -c unlimited
> [CUT] vcl_timer
> Error: a unit test failed, please do one of:
> make CppunitTest_svgio CPPUNITTRACE="gdb --args"
>     # for interactive debugging on Linux
> make CppunitTest_svgio VALGRIND=memcheck
>     # for memory checking
> make CppunitTest_svgio DEBUGCPPUNIT=TRUE
>     # for exception catching
Did you try one of the above suggestions? There are usually three
reasons a unit test would fail:

* something is truly broken on master (compare with red tinderboxes on
* you have a buggy setup (noticing D-Drive in your path above,
  building on a vfat partition from linux is generally not working)
* you are building on a system, or a particular configure switch
  combination, that is not yet supported & will need manual fixing

Your question does not provide enough context to guess which of the
cases you're hitting.


-- Thorsten
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