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Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Sun Feb 21 13:57:28 UTC 2016

Hi Olivier,

Olivier Hallot schrieb:
> Hi Regina
> Em 20/02/2016 10:14, Regina Henschel escreveu:
>> Hi Olivier,
>> Olivier Hallot schrieb:
> (snip)
>> Do you look for an "elegant solution" or do you look for a solution at all?
> As short as the one exisitng, but that will not happen, I think.

I would start with a safe solution, for example using xsl:choose.

>> Browser Seamonkey 2.39 has no problem with attribute
>> 'disable-output-escaping'.
> In firefox this attribute is inocuous, and googling around, it is said
> it will not be implemented.
>> What is your global goal?
> - Learn xslt

Me too, so please do not expect ready solutions from me. But I would 
like to learn what you try and what works or not works.

> - display xhp pages in browser for quick view.

I doubt, that you can get an identical appearance by pure XSL 
transformation. The internal help viewer understands the protocols 
vnd.sun.star.help:// and vnd.libreoffice.image:// which are needed to 
resolve embedding and images. You will need to create a replacement.

For you it will surely be quicker to compile helpcontent2. But for 
those, who cannot build LibreOffice such a tool would be great.

Kind regards

> Kind regards

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