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On Monday, 2016-02-29 12:22:39 +0100, Regina Henschel wrote:

> >Yousuf 'Jay' Philips píše v Po 29. 02. 2016 v 13:31 +0400:
> >>I'm working on improving the shortcuts in Calc and wondered if there was
> >>any wiki reference to why various shortcut keys are disabled in the
> >>Tools > Customize dialog, like F6, F10, Shift+F1, Ctrl+F6, Ctrl+Shift+0
> >>through 9, Ctrl+Shift+F6. Some are quite easy to understand why they
> >>would be disable (F1 - Help, Alt+F4 - Close App, Ctrl+F4 - Close Doc),
> >>but the rest arent from my limited knowledge. :D
> >
> >Any idea, please? :-)
> Those combinations belong to the accessibility feature "Using of LibreOffice
> without Mouse". You find details in the help under "Shortcuts (LibreOffice
> Accessibility)"

Indeed. And Ctrl+Shift+0 through Ctrl+Shift+9 are meant to apply some
predefined number formats to cells, see Format -> Number Format -> ...


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