Build error on branch libreoffice-5-0-4

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Mon Jan 4 01:13:42 PST 2016

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> On 04 Jan 2016, at 04:58, Chris Sherlock <chris.sherlock79 at> wrote:
> I’ve done a quick check of the cygwin documentation, and they say the following:
>    "A few Windows tools, such as find.exe, link.exe andsort.exe, may conflict 
>     with the Cygwin versions make sure that you use the full path (/usr/bin/find) 
>     or that your Cygwin bin directory comes first in your PATH." [1]
> 1.
> I’m afraid I’m not at all experienced with the whole gbuild process, and I honestly
> dare not touch this because of that complete lack of knowledge - but can someone
> check that we are actually doing this on Windows builds?

I can confirm that you can have different problems if cygwin/bin is added to PATH after some of the windows directories.

I had the problem on one vm, and it went away when I installed a new windows package, simply because the PATH statement changed.

Changing the PATH is not really part of the build system, it is something you normally do in the control panel or in the .bashrc (more effectively because it only affects cygwin).

jan i.

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